Magento 2 Upgrade Service, Support, and Custom Work

Upgrade your Magento to latest version with our best upgrade service. At codedecorator, a leading Magento 2 development company with vast experience in eCommerce sector, we provide help with this upgrade service to make your store, up to date with latest features and security. We have hands on experience on moving Magento to Magento2 , Magento open source to Adobe Commerce as well.

“Magento 2 Upgrade Service”

Magento 2 Upgrade Service Do you have any idea it’s very difficult to move with rapidly updated technology? Its time to constantly watch out the changes and updates in the software and technology. Now day by day Magento also upgrades his versions, Are you upgraded the latest Magento 2 version? If ‘No’ so, why do you so late, hurry up, and let’s do upgrade your Magento 2 and take advantage of new Magento 2 features.

Why We Upgrade Our Magento 2 Latest Version?

The latest version of Magento 2.x is Magento 2.4.x. All various versions of Magento have been released with improves and new features. Every version of Magento always has satisfied the customer’s needs with their easy handling features. And if you are using the older version of Magento, you are taking a higher risk, because the older version of Magento is very risky to the business and performance. In the current Magento market place our customers always keep require new features, if you are not able to fulfill his needs, will they stay with you? Definitely not, he will search for other Magento service provider, which is your weak factor. So not only this but frequently upgrade your Magento store and boost up your performance.

The Latest Magento 2 Updates:

Upgrade your Magento 2.x versions to Latest Magento 2.4.x


Key Features Of The Latest Magento 2.4.x:

-  Performance improvements.

- Platform upgrade

- This release includes over 180 functional fixes to the core product and over 25 security enhancements.

- It includes a resolution of over 46 GitHub issues.

- Substantial security enhancements

- Enhance website security and performance

- Deprecation of the core integration of the Signifyd fraud protection code.

- Improvements to customer data section invalidation logic.

- Innovated Inventory Management

- This release contains enhancements to core quality, which improve the quality of the Framework and these modules: Catalog, Sales, PayPal, Elastic search, Import, CMS, and many more.


Why You Choose Codedecorator For Magento 2 Upgrade Service?

Magento upgrade services will furnish by code Decorator, which upgrades your Magento store in the latest version with no data lost. Only the knowledge and information is not enough but our adept & dexterous code Decorators work very smart to offer competent solutions & services for multifarious business requirements. Our developers offer reliable & scalable, high-end apps Magento upgrade services. Which elevates your Magento store brings it in a new form with tacking care of your current Magento store.


- Experience and high qualified Magento developers.

- 8+ years of working experience with Magento.

- Also, upgrade related Magento 2 extension, theme installation.

- Affordable and cost-effective Magento upgrade services.

- No Data lost

- Zero Downtime

- 100%  security.

- 100% Client satisfaction and quick support.

- Easy communication system.


The Procedure Of Magento 2 Upgrade The Version:

Our Magento version upgrade service process provides without disturbing your current Magento production system.

  1. Replication of site: First we can verify your current Magento store and take all the details. Then we make a replication of the existing Magento store.
  2. Analyze: Our Magento expert can analysis and inspection of existing Magento store and database.
  3. Upgrade latest Magento 2 version: All the requirements are complete then our Magento experts start the Process of Magento upgrade service.
  4. Testing new store: Magento Store is upgraded then the Magento expert will check and testing the Magento upgraded version.
  5. If any Issues, fix it: if any issues and error occur then resolve it.
  6. Transfer Production Environment: your Magento Store is ready with all upgrade and you are going to broadcast upgraded Magento Store.



* Specification:                                                                                                                                                

- Hardly some Magento extension can stop working in the upgrade Magento version.  It is possible that updates or fixes will be the needs for such a Magento extension.

- Code  Decorator is not responsible for any controversy of 3rd party extensions and theme with the Magento 2 version. 

- Magento 2 upgrade service takes generally 4-5 working days.

- The Fixing of such problems is not included in the Magento 2 upgrade service cost.

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