Magento 2 Product Attachments

Code Decorator’s Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension allows you to attach various formats files that provide detailed information about the product such as text manuals, licenses, presentations, demo, etc. on the product page.

- Attach multiple files on the product page at once.

- Specify the file type via icon image for easy download of visitors.

- Supports multiple file formats.

M2.4.x, M2.3.x, M2.2.x

Magento 2 Product Attachments Expansion your product page by allowing your website's product page to combine one or more informative files with each product. The admin can easily upload the many additional files on each product page as required. This module helps you make your product more informative and attractive. The module supports numerous file formats such as png, jpg, CSV, doc, gif, mov, pdf, tgz, txt, xls, and zip file types to help you easily share product information with customers.

Using the Code Decorator’s Magento 2 Product Attachments module, you can upload user files, certificates, licenses, and many other dense special files with the product page. Upload your own icons or predefined icons; make your product pages as informative as possible by uploading unlimited files of any kind.


Customers need to get all the important information about that product before buying anything. E-commerce store owners must ensure that the product pages are extremely informative so that customers can easily get clear information about the products. This extension supports different file types jpg, jpeg, gif, and png. So that customers can get satisfactory product information in various ways. You can create multiple attachments and multiple icons that will help the customer know what file they are about to open.

Magento 2 Product Attachments allow visitors to provide those details which enhance the customer experience. All the mandatory information is immediately available on the product page so that the customers do not have any trouble, customers do not need to contact the website owner. After the product purchases, customers can easily download the product attachment files to better use of the products.

The store admin can easily upload attachment files from the product page directly and also can manage the product page. The extension supports to restrict product attachment downloads to customer groups and avoid unnecessary downloads.


- Upload various images, licenses, presentations, and various format files to give your information in depth.

- To help the customers understand valuable details about your products through the attached files.

- Enhance your website registrations by restricting downloadable content to just log in users.

- Connection information like icons, images can quickly assure customers and increase their satisfaction.

- Inform your customers about all the specific details of products and services through the attached file.

- Customers can view and verify the attachment and certificate provided for the product.

- Customers can save time by watching and reading attachments text manuals.


- Attach multiple files on the product page at once.

- Supports multiple file formats and display icons.

- Restrict Attachments by Customer Groups & Store View.

- Place the files on the product page in a way that motivates the viewer to view and improves the customer experience.

- Allow file downloads according to the customer that prompts customers to sign up / login.

- Specify the file type via icon image for easy download of visitors.

- Allow attaching PDFs, DOC, Links, presentations, image files, zips, flash files, and any other file type.

- Display files size for each file on the front-end.

- Attach files to different store views.

- Include the file name and description with the attachment.

- Enable/Disable the files from the site backend.

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