Magento 2 Disable Compare

If you prefer to disable product comparisons on your Magento 2 store, our extension offers an ideal solution. The 'Disable Compare' extension from CodeDecorator seamlessly removes the product comparison feature, ensuring a streamlined and focused shopping experience for your customers.
M2.4.x, M2.3.x, M2.2.x

The Disable Compare extension for Magento 2 offers a straightforward, completely free solution for store administrators to disable the comparison function. This is critical as Magento 2's default setup does not support turning off product comparisons.

If you prefer to not allow your customers to compare products for a more streamlined shopping experience, our extension is a safe and easy option. It effectively blocks the comparison feature across all pages without interfering with the core code of your Magento 2 site. The Disable Compare Magento 2 extension by CodeDecorator accomplishes this seamlessly, ensuring no disruption to your store's operation.

Key features include:

  • Universal disable function across all Magento 2 pages.
  • No core code interference, maintaining system integrity.
  • User-friendly interface for easy activation and deactivation of the feature.
  • Ability to swiftly disable and enable the extension as needed.
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