Magento 2 Configurable Simple Product

Magento 2 Configurable Simple product extension enables you to get simple product on Configurable product with details like SKU, name, description.
M2.4.x, M2.3.x, M2.2.x

Admin can give every product’s own identity by adding Magento 2 configurable Simple products extension which will identify every simple configurable product uniquely on the basis of name, color, SKU. The key part of this extension is, it provides information at the same time attractive view of simple product.

Key Points

  • This extension provides personalised information of every simple product which will helps customer to identify the products easily in single roof called product page.
  • Configurable Simple Product extension makes product selection smooth and efficient.
  • It makes changes in name, decription, price and SKU without page load.
  • Get simple product details from configurable product.
  • It creates unique URL for each selected product which directly boosts the SEO aspect of your store.
  • Provide wide options for the customers to figure out and easily pick up their need.
  • Set default selected simple product from configurable product from admin

Benefits for Customer:

  • Simplified Navigation.
  • Detailed information of every product.
  • Search product by unique product name and SKU.
  • Get to explore many dimensions of product through just one product.
  • Customer gets to select their desired product which fits them best.
  • Saves times as the customer get many options at the same place.

Benefits for Merchants

  • SEO rich extension
  • Redirect simple product to configurable
  • Configurable product use simple price
  • Set simple product url in configurable product
  • Set simple product description and price in configurable product
  • Default selected product and Swatch option.
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