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Magento 2 Show-Hide Password Extension Develop by Code Decorator has helped to user reveal the password stored behind the bullets (●) in the standard password. It is visualizing the password that you inputted. It is Prevent wrong input of a password.

- Able to see and hide the password Character - Module cover entire password fields contain - Quick and easy extension
M2.4.x, M2.3.x, M2.2.x

Want to see what’s behind those mysterious bullets (●)?  If yes, take the Code Decorator’s  Magento 2 Show/Hide Password extension, It provides an exclusive solution to help you easily see and hide the hidden passwords of any Magento 2 password fields.

Why Show/Hide Password Extension?

Almost all browsers hide the password field with Bullet or asterisks for security purposes. In the Magento and Magento 2 also protect your password from bullets (●) to protect it from shoulder surfing. As your browser and software save passwords, you can avoid the hassle of remembering them all. But often when entering a complex password you are confused as to whether the password entered is correct or not, in such a situation you want to know what is behind the scenes? And it’s good to be able to see that. Masking passwords protect you, but sometimes the characters you enter quickly are prone to errors and making incorrect passwords sometime your account will be locked out and it’s very troubling. This is why we've created a Magento 2 Show/Hide Password extension that allows you to show and hide passwords.

What is the Show/Hide Password Extension?

Code Decorator's Magento 2 Show/Hide extension is very useful for the user to reveal a shaded password of any Magento 2 password fields.  Magento 2 Show/Hide Password Extension is designed to quickly and easily see hidden letters in the password field. You can easily show and hide these password characters. It temporarily unmasks the password so that the user can fill in the field quickly and accurately.

The password is by default the icon is an open eye indicating "if you click me, you will see what's behind the camouflaging characters" Then the reverse is true when the password is unmasked. The eye is closed, indicating "if you click me, we will hide your password".


Key Features :

  • Instant viewing of hidden passwords.
  • An eye icon is placed in the Password field to view and hides the password.
  • Extracts your encrypted password in a single attempt.
  • Supports the recovery of lengthy and complicated passwords.
  • Safe and reliable utility.
  • Easy to operate – no technical skills required.
  • The default the icon is an open eye means your password is bullets (●) form, if you want to see the password and enter it, then disable the open-eye icon.
  • The module covers the entire screen which contains password fields at frontend and backend 
  • Admin can enable or disable the extension.


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